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Gowanus Community Wifi Network

Eastern Effects is proud to be one of the founding business hosts for the Gowanus Community Wifi (GCW) Network, hosting three (3) WiFi routers within the network.  GCW will keep Gowanus Residents, small businesses and first responders connected during emergencies. In addition, GCW will be a powerful organizing tool for community and economic development.


Gowanus Community WiFi (GCW) was founded by Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue Committee and fifteen Gowanus business leaders, including Eastern Effects.  The GCW is a Resilient and Free WiFI MESH Network created for Gowanus residents and businesses. The MESH Network is modeled on a similar infrastructure project in Red Hook that worked well during the fallout from Hurricane Sandy. During and after the storm, the Red Hook Community WiFi network was one of the few services which worked when power, cell, telephone and regular internet was forced off line. The network allowed businesses, residents, first responders and emergency relief workers to stay connected and get critical information.