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Lighting & Grip Rentals

Eastern Effects offers a full array of lighting and grip inventory in-house to meet your every need. From Fisher 10 and Fisher 11 Dollies to Keno and Source Four. We also provide a full complement of expendables for productions small and large. With a full fleet of trucks, our grip trucks are small enough to fit into the smallest of NYC’s parking spaces to our largest having the ability to light half of Brooklyn (that’s no joke!) with our 10-ton combi (generator).

Brands of lighting and grip equipment in Eastern Effects’ warehouse include but are not limited to:



Mole Richardson




Source Four




Explore our expansive equipment list.


Below are our truck packages and expendables.


Equipment Packages

Lighting & Grip Equipment

Truck Packages

1-Ton Truck Package
2-Ton Truck Package
3-Ton Truck Package
5-Ton Truck Package

Pay-Per-Use Expendables

Expendables List

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