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Featured Hudson Spider Light!

The Hudston Spider is a compact LED parabolic light. At just over 7lbs, with a parabolic opening size of just over 3ft, the Hudson Spider is very easy to set up. It emits a specular soft wrap using a parabola of 3456 LEDs tunable between 2600K and 6500K. Its 15280 Lumen output maintains a very…

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New Honeycrates Baby Bee’s!

Our newly acquired Honeycrates Baby Bee’s slip onto your Quasar LED tubes with ease. This particular lighting control grid offers a unique hexagon shape that helps to eliminate sag. Try it out today!

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Gowanus Community Wifi Network

Eastern Effects is proud to be one of the founding business hosts for the Gowanus Community Wifi (GCW) Network, hosting three (3) WiFi routers within the network.  GCW will keep Gowanus Residents, small businesses and first responders connected during emergencies. In addition, GCW will be a powerful organizing tool for community and economic development.  …

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